Website Quality Index - Which indicator is considered good?

Website Quality Index - Which indicator is considered good?

In 2018, Yandex abandoned the “TIC” indicator, which is usual for SEO users. Which X replaced it?
Julia SEO marketer

Printed 2011-05-20

In 2018, Yandex abandoned the “TIC” indicator (thematic citation index), which is usual for SEO users. Now the emphasis is not only on the number and weight of external links, but also on the convenience of using the site itself, its relevance and behavioral factors. 

Therefore, the main indicator is now different: it is called “IKS”, or “Site Quality Index”. What quality indicator is considered good? 

As was the case with TIC

The minimum TIC indicator (not counting zero) was 10. The same scale is valid for ICS. For a commercial project, the TIC could be considered good, starting at 40 and above. TIC indicators of the order of 150 were textacteristic of well-known commercial projects. 

In the case of news and information resources, the “standards” were slightly different. For example, the TIC of the famous news site is about 26,000. 

Is there a connection between ICS and TIC

There is no formula that would link these two indicators: this follows from the fact that they are calculated for each site separately and according to different algorithms. 

However, in practice it turns out that they coincide at least in order of magnitude. Moreover, if the site itself is "not very" (poor design, uncomfortable structure), but there are a lot of incoming links, then the ICS may turn out to be two times less than the TIC of this site. 

On the contrary, if there are not too many links, but the site is convenient and users behave well on it, then the IKS can be, say, twice as many as the old TIC. 

We now consider it to be normal ICS (for a commercial project, a few months after the turnkey site development is completed and the promotion has started) the indicator is about 40. Of course, it all depends on the subject, the age of the site and other parameters. At the start, such a site quality index can be considered good.