Where to start SEO website promotion

Where to start SEO website promotion

Some simple but effective life hacks for website promotion
Julia SEO marketer

Printed 2022-03-20

There is an important difference between startups and existing businesses. For business, sustainability is everything. Mass sales are great, but they must be sustainable. Growth is also great, but it must be sustainable. Come up with another property of the business, and you can add the word “sustainable” to it. If you want long-term success, you must create something sustainable. Powerful SEO is one of the best ways to achieve this. Good SEO keeps you up and in the middle of local search results. It's not enough just to order a turnkey website development , you need to provide it with traffic for the future! 

For First, let's think about it this way: in a world where keywords are most important, you need to make sure that you have a “seat at the table.” True, large companies spend huge budgets on improving the ranking of high-frequency keywords in the search. It may be difficult for you to compete with them. But you can compete in another space - local SEO. Perhaps it's worth even changing the phrase “you can compete” to “must compete”, and you get a more suitable statement. You must set up local SEO at the very beginning. Here's how you do it. 

Submit your site to Yandex and Google

Register your site with Google and Yandex as soon as possible. You may be surprised when you see the power of search engines and their importance for your business. Contrary to what you think, search engines really want your business to be open. They exist not only for huge corporations. But make sure that you select the correct category during the setup of the Google Search Console and Yandex Webmaster. 

Work through the headlines

This is one of the easiest things you can do to influence your position in your search. When writing headings and meta tags on the pages of a site, make sure that you include key phrases for SEO there. This piece of code is important. Remember, Google and Yandex do not rank sites, they rank individual pages. This requires you to work through each page in order to influence the search results. The best format to use is the “main passphrase + secondary passphrase + brand name” scheme. 

Sign up for directories

You need to get into the good, high-quality online directories used in your industry. These directories will help search ranking. Also consider placing in Yahoo, Bing, Yandex.Catalog, Yandex.Maps, and other paid business directories. 

Use Google+

Remember to create a Google+ business page and maintain your presence there. The activity on Google+ pages is evaluated by Google differently than the activity on other social networks .. When you own your own universe, you can create your own rules, right? In any case, the reason that Google+ works so well to improve ranking is because it was designed specifically for SEO. Publish posts there in the same way as you do on Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte, and encourage customers to publish reviews that mention your site. Reviews on your Google+ business page are powerful SEO techniques. 

Pages with geo information

Be sure to create pages on the site with geographic information that indicate the places that your business serves. This will increase your position in geo-dependent SERPs over time. On these pages, be sure to add the actual location in the URL, in the title tag, and be sure to use the name of the city / town several times on the page itself. You can add as many geo-pages as you want, but it's best to create pages for those main areas where you primarily work, and focus exclusively on them. 

Be careful about your contacts

This is at least the name, address, and phone number. Put this information somewhere on your main page in a clearly visible area (menu, top or footer). Check the site on your mobile phone; Contacts must be visible, and the phone must be clickable. In addition, if you have only one geolocation, make sure that there are contacts on each of the pages of the site. This will give customers the opportunity to contact you anywhere on the site. Also, post a Yandex or Google map on the site. In addition to increasing the search ranking, this will increase the site's user experience. 

Now you have a brief SEO promotion strategy to successfully compete with large industries and corporations. Think of it this way: each large company started by first taking complete control of some of its local space. Use these tips and do the same. They will help you to succeed in the long run. 

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