Where to start creating a site

Where to start creating a site

What should be the first in the list of requirements in the brief or TK for the creation of the site
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Printed 2001-10-20

The development of the Internet as a method of attracting customers is forcing more and more companies to return to the issue of their own site. Changes in UI and search engine algorithms constantly pose new challenges and open up new possibilities. For companies wishing to order a turnkey website , usability and adaptability should be the first in the list of requirements in the brief or statement of work for creating a site. 

Here are some questions that need to be addressed before your designer, marketer and programmer begin work on the technical and visual part. 

What is the long-term strategy? 

Let's take a step back. Before a designer travels to a fantasy country for inspiration, the head of the organization (or project) needs to clearly determine what the company plans are for the short and long term. Knowing this, designers and programmers (project team) will be able to develop a website that will help businesses achieve their goals - whether it's introducing online shopping on the website or adapting to global changes in the company business model. A well-designed website will become a valuable tool that benefits the business, and not just a showcase for your services. Therefore, make sure that the brief on the site contains information about the company future strategy. 

Your Are the expectations realistic? 

For the designer, the task that the client provides is both a plan and a set of laws. He must adhere to the goals specified in the brief or TOR, and the budget must be clearly defined and must be consistent with the assignment. 

Changing the technical specifications after the start of work leads to increasing costs and delays in the project. Often this occurs as a result of a misunderstanding of the scope of the project or the purpose of the site. It is important to adhere to realistic expectations regarding the timing of the project, including such stages as testing and finalizing the interface, as well as regarding the cost of creating the site. Remember that it will provide your company with a value-added asset. Obviously, there is a fear that a large budget will lead to a waste of funds. However, the site development project is scalable in price: you can reduce expectations, and reduce the cost. 

Mobile revolution

According to statistics from 2019, 61% of Russian residents use mobile Internet. Everyone who has a tablet or smartphone has access to the Internet to one degree or another. For several years now, more searches have been performed on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Technology is changing the way we interact and the way we use data and information, so your site should be ready to receive mobile traffic. Pay attention to the fact that the mobile or adaptive version of the site doesn't just “open normally on a mobile phone”, but solves existing business problems - be it conversion into sales or convenient customer service. 

And now, two warning tips based on sad experience

Project Manager

Put on the project a confident manager who can make decisions. The creation of the site is a good illustration of the saying "seven babysitters have no eyes. It is necessary to single out one person responsible for the entire project. Successful cases are based on clear communication between the client and the designer and a clear decision -making process. Projects are carried out on schedule, when both sides adhere to an agreed brief. 

Site launch strategy

Launching a new company site is more than just placing a catalog online . It should mark a new stage in the development of the company, a new direction, a change in the style of interaction with the customer base and the development of new marketing channels. Work should not stop after the launch of the site. You need to conduct an active SMM campaign, as well as promote the site using SEO and contextual advertising methods in order to attract traffic and make the site profitable. 

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