Why CMS?
The question arises: why does a CMS site, maybe you can do without it?
Serhio Frontend developer

Printed 2001-02-20

Whoever first encounters the task of turnkey site development , is surely faced with the choice of a management system. Everyone offers different ones, and the question arises: why does a CMS website, maybe you can do without it? 

Regular updates

CMS, as the name implies (Content Management System, i.e. content management system) is indispensable if you plan on a regular basis (more than once a week, for example ) update your website: upload news, add products, change texts, and so on. 

A site without a CMS is static: you can change anything on it only by crawling into the HTML code of the pages. 

Large structure

CMS allows you to conveniently and quickly create a site structure: add sections, subsections and lay out new pages. Without a control system, all this will have to be done manually through the site code: in each section, register links to new pages, upload files of these new pages via an FTP client, and so on. 

Without a control system, this, of course, can also be done. But VERY long and uncomfortable! And most importantly - then nothing can be changed. Only in a new way manually recycle the entire content of the site. 

Online Stores

It's hard to imagine a site with more than three products and no CMS. After all, the cost and form of payment for each product will have to be done manually in the site code. And if there are 100 goods? 1000? Changing prices on such a site is almost impossible task. 

If you are not sure why a CMS site is needed and if you need it, think: are you going to promote the site in SEO (this requires a deep structure)? Are you going to expand the site and update? In these cases, you can't do without an “engine”. And if you have a simple one-page landing page - it's quite possible without a CMS. 

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