12 mistakes of promotion in social networks in 2020

12 mistakes of promotion in social networks in 2020

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Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2019-07-20

What are the main mistakes of promotion on social networks that business owners make? The specialists representing our SMM agency are responsible. 

1. Ignoring

A common mistake is to ignore social networks in general. This usually happens because the entrepreneur does not have time to understand their importance and figure it out properly. They put off SMM in favor of other, more pressing matters. Or, sometimes social media is mistakenly regarded as distracting factors, “stupid sites” and applications that children use. 

Another mistake that business owners make is to rush into all the most “trending" social media without paying attention to the quality of work in each of them. Let's stop talking about social networks and start talking about how customers can contact us, learn, share information with each other. Take the time to really understand how you can use social networks to increase the value of the company and the product in the eyes of customers and strengthen the brand image. 

2. Raznosol < / h2>

The lack of a single branding at different sites. Many companies have completely different styles of website design and profiles on Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte. Consistent use of a single style in the logo, website and content design is important. 

To do this, use the same logo, color scheme and photo style for all your pages on social networks. Set up VK and Facebook using elements from your site. Do the USP and a description of who you are and what you do is relatively the same in all accounts. Yes, and make sure all the information is current :)

3. Narcissism

Error - talking too much about yourself. Social networks are more a dialogue than a monologue. A real conversation is when people actively communicate with each other and listen to each other, instead of unilaterally sending updates about their latest product. If you consider yourself too intrusive in advertising, try to help subscribers and share useful content, not just selling (useful content may come from other people). You will find that you start to “receive” from social media a lot more positive feedback. 

4. Inadequate format

For example, the use of vines)) A joke, but not really. Each new platform is a new format and new features. It's easy for a person to get lost in the buzz and the fun of something new and exciting, so you need to try to be the first among your competitors to win the hearts and minds of customers. 

There are several hundred posts on how to use the same vines for business or how to use the new Instagram video (IGTV) for business, although these are fairly recent formats. Social networks are a unique channel for communicating with an audience. But think about it: if you need a consultant or a blogger who teaches how to use six seconds of video to communicate with your clients (and without such often biased training, there is no sense in such videos), then you probably shouldn't use such format. Define your audience, and the “right” format for it will become apparent. 

5. Madness and courage

Jump without hesitation! The biggest mistake in social networks, which is found constantly, is the belief that you urgently need to rush to engage in social networks, because "NECESSARY". Without worrying about the strategy and not knowing on which platform and for which audience your product should be promoted in the first place. 

6. Lower the paws

Start, but quit what you started. If you are going to promote your social networks, you must ensure a constant presence and regularity. Constantly communicate with your subscribers, participating in a dialogue with them, becoming a member of a living community. Working with social media is not “once and for all” ... it's a lively, ongoing process that you must devote yourself to. 

7. Blind naval battle

Another mistake: try all possible channels and platforms without figuring out if your audience is really there. Finally, let's face it - we are a society that loves “brilliant”, everything that attracts attention. But to put eggs in the most brilliant basket only because it is brilliant is likely to be a mistake. You must be where your audience is. Casey Stengel (a well-known baseball coach) once said when he was asked how he won so many games: “We just beat them where they are not.” On social networks, the opposite is true. You need to know where your audience is and catch them where they are. 

8. Dispersion of forces

Attempting to be active on every platform on social networks is a big mistake. Make a plan or speak with a consultant who will help you develop an SMM strategy and find out which channels are appropriate for your goals. Time is money, and the more channels you use, the more time it takes to get a sane result. Look at each channel and understand which audience is active there and whether it matches your target. At first, Instagram is a good starting point for most companies, as it has a wide user base and excellent engagement. 

9. Incompetence

Many people think that just having a Facebook page and an Insta account, they are already engaged in SMM. A successful social media campaign requires interaction and dialogue with your audience, and this is not one or two “updates” per week, as if you were posting news on your website. It requires participation in discussions and the “humanization” of your brand. This is what creates brand loyalty and credibility. 

10. Freebie

Too many people think that you can just create a page on Instagram, use only free promotion methods and not pay for marketing. It is not right. To become an effective tool, social networks will require strategic planning and individual resources. “For a sailor who does not know where to sail, there is no fair wind” - this is about the SMM strategy! Well, without a budget, a large-scale project simply will not start. A small, local one will develop VERY long. And will remain local. 

11. Public striptease

You, as the owner of a small business, have probably heard that your posts on social networks should be “personal” and open. It's useful for you to talk about how the day went, what is new in your business and what you do. However, sometimes entrepreneurs go too far and post posts about problem customers, complaints, or other information that is too personal for a commercial account. Do not forget that all these social channels work as platforms for discussion and gossip. Make sure you use “transparency” and “personality,” but don't go too far. 

12. Corporateity

On the other hand, even more companies clog on everything personal. Slaughtered on the "social" part of social networks. Yes, social networks are a marketing channel, but it is unique in that it allows you to communicate with the company as a person. When used properly, social networks can be used to “humanize” your brand. Share "human." Do not be afraid to show a little of your personality. People want to interact with people, not companies. 

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