Free Instagram likes

Free Instagram likes

Where to get free likes on Instagram and is there such a "freebie"?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2024-06-20

Where to get free likes on Instagram and is there such a "freebie"? We will talk about this in detail, as well as about why all this is necessary for serious people. 


The simplest way to get a bunch of likes on your posts on Instagram without spending a dime is like timeouts. These are publications that are published by popular bloggers or in other accounts where other users do the following:

  • They write in the comments “I want likes”
  • They open several profiles of previous commentators and arrange them they like fresh photos
  • After receiving a portion of likes from someone, they go to the profile of the likes and like in response. 

Thus, each participant receives a bunch of barks from others s, and pays for it only to their time spent in putting down the other likes. This is a good way to advance: after all, likes are put by living people, not bots. 

Almost for free

Now there are a huge number of services offering the purchase of likes. Sometimes these are likes from bots, less often from live people. In many cases, you can choose the “quality” of those profiles that will like you. For example, choose a “tariff” in which the profiles will be with Russian names. 

This is not a free way, but “cheap”: a hundred likes may well cost you just one ruble. 


An interesting question :) Some people want to look popular and are ready to bother for this, trying to “win” likes on their posts. Now it is becoming less and less popular, since almost everyone knows about the existence of wrapping services. 

There are pragmatic reasons to engage in wrapping up. This is done by each SMM agency so that new publications get some noticeable number of likes in the first 20-30 minutes after the release. For algorithms, Instagram is a signal that the post and photos are interesting, and he begins to display this publication above in other people's feeds. And sometimes it can be thrown into the “recommended” one. 

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