Chatbots for business - why are they needed

Chatbots for business - why are they needed

Why is everyone obsessed with chatbots and does it make sense?
Alex Head of Development

Printed 2010-12-20

Chat bots for business have become an important part of SMM social media promotion . The worldwide spread of chatbots means that they work in accordance with their own strategy, and not just as a small part of the entire marketing mix. 

Chatbots today have become one of the most talked about and recently adopted SMM tools. Using chatbots in your SMM strategy increases website traffic and sales, providing a new level of customer service. So, how does chatbot marketing fit into your overall social media marketing strategy? 

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The audience contacts you through social networks, as it is an easy-to-use communication channel that can be accessed from anywhere on various devices. There are two types of bots: rule-based and artificial. Since rule-based bots require accurate command input, users are more likely to lose patience and give up if something goes wrong. The “intelligence” of your bot will help you better communicate with your customers, as well as increase your efficiency on social networks. 

A variety of platforms

It all started with chatbots on Facebook Messenger, but now platforms for creating chatbots allow companies to create bots that can be used on Twitter, Kik, Slack, WeChat and many others. The customer support bot can strengthen your business by:

  • Perfectly working with Facebook Messenger and comments
  • Offers of discounts and promotions
  • Accepting orders from Facebook

For the first time, instant messengers have surpassed in using the application of the social networks themselves. This is a critical point in consumer behavior, so the introduction of chatbots will pave the way for future success. 

Create a resource on the platform

Many bots today are used as a resource offering information such as, for example, weather updates based on your zip code. This is not only valuable to the audience, because it allows you to quickly get the necessary information, but it is also a great way to collect data about your customers. For example:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Shopping Preferences

By in fact, you reach out to your audience and collect information about them through their preferred communication channels and instant messengers on social networks. 

Email Integration

Chatbots are a universal tool and can be integrated with email to create advertising campaigns. Lead processing is the key to promoting potential customers on your sales funnel, and chat bots will collect valuable information that will tell you when and what content to give customers. Before creating your campaign, be sure to answer the following questions:

  • Have you set a real, measurable goal? 
  • Have you created customer avatars? 
  • Do you have Already have the right content? 

By constantly interacting with customers, chatbots increase the likelihood of leads becoming customers. 

Audience Content

Chatbots are an effective channel for marketing and disseminating information because they can deliver personalized messages. Your chatbot will send content to consumers depending on their interests and preferences. This, in turn, will attract more targeted traffic to the site, and if implemented correctly, it will increase the conversion rate. 

Connection with the sales process

Companies that have online stores should create a bot that will work as a seller. Chatbots can not only “open” customers in the sales process, they can also resell and do cross-sales. Chatbots give your customers exceptional attention and advice during the sales process, answering any questions about your product, price or delivery. Based on the client's choice, chat bots can then make additional product offers that will arouse consumer interest, and can easily refute any objections that the client will have in connection with a purchase for a larger amount than originally anticipated. In addition to being able to place orders through instant messengers, many chatbot tools integrate with popular online wallets such as Paypal. 

Analytics and conversions

Like most digital marketing tools, chat bots provide a huge amount of data. Closely monitor the performance of your chat bot, because it will give you accurate information about the behavior of your consumers. Chatbot analytics is still distinguished by a fairly new set of available metrics, so there is much to learn. By testing various message options, you can choose the most effective conversation templates with your customers and create a bot optimized for high conversion. 

In conclusion ...

Integrating this new tool into existing marketing can seem complicated, but with the help of the tips described above (or by contacting SMM agency , if you are in Moscow) you can become a leader in your industry. Using chatbots for business is the perfect way to get ahead of your competitors and stay one step ahead. 

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