What to sell on Instagram?

What to sell on Instagram?

What goods and services are best sold on Insta?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2012-06-20

Now only the lazy did not try to monetize this social network. But what to sell on Instagram? What goods or services "go" there best? We made a small selection. 


Yes, this is the most obvious option. The scheme is as follows:

  • You become a blogger
  • Gain 50-100 thousand subscribers (you can less)
  • Start trading ads on your blog. 

Upon reaching some fame, advertisers will contact you themselves, and you will need to specify an e-mail address for contacts or a separate PR account in the profile header. This is necessary because the Direct account of your main account will be "littered" with all sorts of different things. 

"Women's" segments of Beauty and Fashion

Also an obvious direction. Instagram has the most women (and they are most active), and the spheres of beauty and fashion are, first of all, a lot of beautiful visuals. A thousand ideas for content. The perfect audience ... What else do you want? 

Other “visual” niches

Reproductions of paintings, beautiful handmade soap, designer furniture, interior design services and so on. They're fine too. 

Personal services

If you are a lawyer, teacher or cosmetologist and people choose you primarily because they trust you personally, then your personal brand and Instagram will become a powerful sales driver. Oh, how :)

Info Products

All kinds of training, starting with a la “How to Promote Your Instagram” courses and ending with complex and highly specialized niche products. 

Average check

In 2016, statistics of SMM agencies showed that the average check of goods and services that are good to sell on Instagram, about 5000 rubles. Do not take it too seriously: there you can sell, for example, a ready-made business for 3 million rubles. 

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