What to post on Instagram and why

What to post on Instagram and why

If you started an account without a special purpose, then it's all the same that you will post on Instagram, right? :)
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2012-08-20

If you started an account without a special purpose, then it's all the same that you will post on Instagram, right? :)

Of course, there are some unwritten rules and traditions. Kogad Insta just appeared, any photo with one of the standard Instagram filters seemed beautiful; Now it is considered "good form" to upload only successful, beautiful photos to the tape. For the rest, there is Stories - a publication format in which photos or videos disappear after 24 hours. 

For posts in the feed usually choose successful photos or videos (video can be up to a minute long). You can write a signature for the post (it is earnest with a deep meaning, of course). For photos and videos in the "Lifestyle" format, which may not be very high quality, but "live", use storyline. 

What types of content are there

  • Marketing content
  • Information content
  • Entertaining content
  • Well, but what to publish to those who came to Instagram for a specific purpose? 

    No matter what. what's your goal, the content will be divided into three large parts. The first is selling. Most likely, you want to make money on Instagram or, for example, to gain subscribers. This type of content serves your purpose directly: these are either posts with product demonstrations or services, or posts where you are trying to attract more audiences. 

    The second type: information posts. Now such content is gaining popularity, especially in the form of "useful things": people love it when they are given some useful information for free. You can talk about your experience, you can share thoughts about those areas of work and life that interest you. You can do reviews and collections. In general, the scope for imagination here is unlimited. The main advantage of such posts is that they increase the loyalty of subscribers, requiring nothing in return. 

    Finally, the third type of content: entertaining. Where without this :) It can be publications with a story about some personal experiences, maybe humor or other interesting content that does not try to strain the reader's brain. Now such content is mostly published in Storis. 

    Well, so what to spread on Instagram? I think you understand that each has an answer to this question. the main thing is to think about your goals and do not forget about the variety of content;)

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