Instagram hashtags for promotion

Instagram hashtags for promotion

Insta profile promotion through hashtags: myth or reality?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2010-03-20

SMMs are constantly arguing about this and have not come to the same conclusion. How to use Instagram hashtags to promote and is it worth it at all? 

Our SMM agency , according to the results of testing on many clients, came to the conclusion that the use of hashtags is justified until the moment when it becomes 9000-12000 subscribers. After that, the effect of hashtags is also there, but almost imperceptible against the background of the results of other methods of promotion. So which hashtags to use? 

Your own

These are tags containing, for example, your name + surname or company name. They are also called branded. It can also be a hashtag indicating your unique service, if you are sure that you have no competitors. It is also useful to come up with a set of hashtags that will mark up topics on your blog. They can be done by combining the name of the company (the main brand hashtag) with the name of the category through the underscore “_”. 

Low- and mid-frequency hashtags

Currently, low-frequency hashtags (2019) are hashtags with up to about 5,000 mentions on Instagram. Mid-frequency are mentioned from 5,000 to 100,000 times. Such hashtags can be used to indicate a specific narrow topic to which the post is dedicated. 

High-frequency hashtags

We mean those that occur more than 100,000 times. Such a frequency means that posts with these tags are constantly published, which means they are unlikely to have subscribers (their feed would be littered). Getting into the TOP will not help either: after a short time you will be replaced by new posts. Therefore, we use RF hashtags extremely rarely. 

Selection of hashtags

To search for suitable hashtags and check their frequency, you can use the hashtags search on Instagram, “similar hashtags” that appear in the same search, as well as tags that use competitors in the same topics. In addition, the service can be useful, through which you can choose the words that people often drive in Yandex search. Usually, search phrases more or less correspond to useful Instagram hashtags for promotion. 

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