Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags

How to use hashtags on Instagram for promotion: a couple of life hacks
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2010-07-20

Do hashtags help promote Instagram? Among SMM-schiki there are different opinions on this subject. We at the SMM agency KOKOSOV use hashtags in cases where the number of subscribers to your account is less than 10,000 people. Let's see how it works. 

General (thematic) hashtags

This category includes high-frequency hashtags that indicate a large direction or topic. For example, #instagram, #dress, #dogs, #running and the like. 

Even if your posts will be in the TOP for such a hashtag, they will be instantly biased by new ones from other users. Therefore, it makes sense to add only 1-2 such tags to the post. 

Niche hashtags

These are hashtags with an average frequency (5000-100 000). They can be quite targeted and clearly indicate a niche. For example, # website development, # internet marketing, # interior design, # production of furniture, # buy a woman's dress and so on. In a post you should use 5-6 niche hashtags. 

Brand hashtags

You need to create them yourself. The point is that only your posts can be found by these hashtags. For example, it can be #the name of your company and hashtags by rubrics of this kind: #your_name_of_reviews, #your_name_of_news, #your_name of advice_ and so on. A couple of hashtags per post will be enough. 

You can select hashtags for promotion on Instagram, firstly, through a search in the social network itself, and secondly, using statistics from search engines, for example Yandex.Wordstat. 

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