SMM Tools: US 2020

SMM Tools: US 2020

American SMM Techniques: A Short Review of Recommendations
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2017-07-20

40 percent of the world's population and 69 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 are active users of social networks. Social media revolutionized the way companies communicate with customers: now they listen to and learn from them (a similar thing happened with television commercials in the 20th century). 

Marketing strategy includes determining the target market, developing actions to capture the share of this target market and constant analysis and adjustments. The promotion strategy in social networks, on the other hand, “educates” customers and gives them emotions related to the company, as well as increases their loyalty. According to American statistics, emotionally attached and interested customers bring 23 percent more profit. And with the help of YouTube (or another video platform - yes even Instagram!) You can remotely get acquainted with the product, and this increases the purchase. 

So, here are four strategies for promoting social networks that use a good SMM agency (in Moscow, by the way, there are not many adequate)) and that all entrepreneurs should know. 

1. The Power of Content Marketing

According to the book “M-Marketing” (Grewal, Dhruv; Levy, Michael. 2010), 78 percent of customers prefer to get to know the company through mentions in neutral sources, rather than through advertising. Content marketing has an average of six times higher conversion rates and can increase web traffic 7.8 times more efficiently than other social media promotion tools. In 2018, US adults spent on smartphones an average of 3 hours 35 minutes a day. Most of this time is available for content marketing! For example, customers spend 11 percent of this time on personal finance and managing it. They want information about this. They want to read it! 

If you sell medical devices, you should have articles about any health problem associated with the one that your product solves. If you sell cosmetics, you should have practical makeup guidelines and probably skin care guidelines. If you have a restaurant, provide information on trends in nutrition, diets or new events. 

First, find out what might interest your customers. Niche experts with a narrow specialization will be happy to give you their opinion, because for them it is free advertising on social networks. 

2. Read reviews and respond to complaints

84 percent of customers trust online reviews. Ask your customers to leave feedback about your company. You can manually check sites such as Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Market or Google services. Quickly respond to comments on social networks! According to the already mentioned book, 53 percent of customers in social networks expect an answer within one hour. Currently, social networks are the place where customers first of all expect a quick and clear answer to their complaints. Lack of response (or template answer) is bad. Someone in your company should personally contact everyone who complained! 

3. Facebook and others

All other social media channels should be used depending on your target market. 68 percent of Americans use Facebook, but in Russia the statistics are different. 

Two hundred and sixty million people use LinkedIn every month; Unfortunately, this social network is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation (as of the date of writing of this article: May 2019). 

Ever since Google bought YouTube, the latter stands out markedly in the search. Seventy-three percent of Americans use YouTube, the highest percentage of all social networks. Through the video, you can better engage emotions and engage a potential buyer in further communication with the company. For example, you can post instructions and other useful videos. 

35 percent of Americans use Instagram. Like YouTube, this site is mainly for quickly generating interest in the product. 

Sites such as Twitter and Pinterest have an audience of less than 35 percent of Americans. Pinterest is a great place to showcase home decor products and holiday photos. It will be useful in related markets. Well, Twitter can be a platform that does not require large expenses, but allows you to quickly respond to user comments. 

Bloggers in this sense are a combination of content marketing and online reviews. Disney is known for its approach to mom bloggers. A group of 1300 selected moms gets benefits (but not compensation!) To get discounts and blog about their experiences. Moms talk about real problems, such as the fight against food allergies. Personal blogs often give a very good effect. 

4. Data for analysis and adaptation

The advantage of using social networks is a lot of available information. You can use data from social networks to assess customer attitudes, understand their preferences and notice new trends. For example, the measured values __are the number of profile views, clicks to the site from social networks, the bounce rate of these clicks, the number of likes and comments on a particular topic or product, the conversion rate for a purchase. 

Use social media strategically. Make sure you know your market and represent your target audience. Use the capabilities of social networks to communicate in a fun, informative and caring manner. Content marketing and bloggers are now the most important social media tools. 

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