Instagram Live Followers

Instagram Live Followers

How to collect a live audience, not bots?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2024-06-20

Where to buy live followers on Instagram? Oh, how often we at SMM agency are asked this question! The sad truth is that all the simple (or free) ways to get subscribers either give an audience of very low quality or work extremely slowly. 


Everything is clear here. In 90% of cases, cheating gives an audience consisting of bots. "Live" they are only in the imagination of the owners of the service through which you make a cheat. Even if the subscribers are “live”, they will subscribe to you for several days. And then there will be a shaft of unsubscribing, which Instagram will consider your fault: apparently, you have become uninteresting. And it will stop showing you even to those subscribers that you had before. 

Mutual subscriptions

Not a bad way. It works like this: go to the hashtags search on Instagram and look for posts in the TOP by hashtags #Piarigra, #mutual subscriptions, #Like. Further in the comments, look for those who wrote “I want subscriptions textged”, subscribe to them and leave a sign so that they understand where you are from: for example, you can like their comment or write “done” in response. Well, your comment in the spirit of “I will mutually subscribe!” need to leave. 

The advantage of this method is that some kind of, but lively audience is gaining. The downside is that you are generally not interested in them all, and most likely they will not be active, like and comment on you in the future. So, you will have a “dead” piece of the audience, which again is not approved by Insta's algorithms. 

In addition, many participants in such activities will unsubscribe in a week. 


This is the way in which you find someone else's account whose audience suits you. For example, you are a lawyer, and find the account of another lawyer, more promoted. Then you begin one by one to subscribe to all (or almost all) of its subscribers. 

Some percentage of those you follow will go to your account and subscribe in return if you find it interesting. Every year this method gives less and less results (the percentage of reverse subscriptions falls), but there are still results. And, unlike the two previous methods, it gives an interested audience: these are people who have subscribed to YOURSELF of their own free will. 

The main thing here is not to overdo subscriptions (do not violate Instagram limits) and do not forget to start the unsubscribe process: you can't end up subscribing to everyone :) and your account also looks bad (a lot of subscriptions - people don't like). 

This is how live subscribers on Instagram appear. There are, of course, targeted ads and placements by bloggers, but that's another story! 

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