How to do mutual PR on Instagram

How to do mutual PR on Instagram

How to do VP in Insta
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Printed 2026-07-20

One of the methods of free promotion on Instagram is mutual PR. How to do it to get the maximum effect? 

With whom to negotiate

First, you need to find partners who will be interested to make an exchange with you. You can search through the hashtags # vp, # mutual PR and the like: there are posts whose authors are ready for mutual PR (or posts in the comments of which those who wish are noted). 

Secondly, you can search for bloggers with a theme similar to yours (or with a similar audience) and offer them mutual PR through private messages. You need to choose those who have about the same number of subscribers as you have, otherwise the exchange will be unequal. 

PR in story < / h2>

The most popular PR method is to make a story (or a series of storys) about your partner, tell a few facts about him with an appeal to subscribe. The more natively (naturally) you make a story and the mention of a partner, the better the effect will be (and the less indignation of your subscribers who are outraged by the advertisement). The partner, in turn, will do the same in return. 

Feel free to directly tell your partner exactly what facts you need to mention. Usually this is a completely alien person waiting for you who is unlikely to pick up the correct description on his own. But it is better to give the style and the text itself at its discretion: it will turn out to be a more familiar style for its audience. 

PR in the post

Reciprocal advertising in posts is less common: unlike stories, cluttering the tape with advertising is much more noticeable. The “guest post” format works well when you publish a post in your account with a note that the partner wrote it especially for your subscribers @ .....

He, in turn, will publish it at his place post from you. If the topics are interesting to subscribers, then the effect will be good. In this case, you don't particularly hide the advertising essence of the post, but it looks natural. 

Mutual PR in Instagram, if done competently and with good accounts, can very quickly (and for free!) help you with a set of subscribers. 

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