How to add a link to Instagram stories

How to add a link to Instagram stories

How to make story in Instagram with a link
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2011-07-20

You must have stumbled upon such stories that suggest “swipe up” to follow the link. But at the same time, you do not find a function that would allow you to insert a link into your stories. So, how to add a link in Instagram history in your profile? 

Direct link to story

The trap is that such a function appears only when reaching 10,000 subscribers. This figure is relevant for May 2019: perhaps in the future Insta will change the rules. 

Ten thousand subscribers - a "landmark" point for Instagram. Apparently, from this moment on, you are considered a “blogger” or, for example, a well-developed store. 

A button to add a link to the story will appear at the top, next to the button for inserting stickers. You can specify the URL of the site, instagram profile, add a link to a document. 

What to do if there is no 10,000

There are two options. If you want to advertise someone, ask instead of the site for an account on Instagram: you can add a mention through the "dog" (for example, @mishacocos) with any number of subscribers. 

If you need to give a link specifically to the site, you can use the following “two-way”:

  • Place the link to the desired site in the header of your profile. To do this, you must have a business account
  • In story, make a sticker mentioning your own profile via “@” and indicate that the link is in the profile header. 

This You can also use the scheme by creating a new account on Instagram and placing a link there in the header. 

Targeted advertising

Another way: create an advertising account on Facebook and link it to Instagram. There you can make an advertising story and indicate any link in it. True, there may be difficulties with the audience: you will have to try to set up advertising specifically for your subscribers. A good SMM agency must include this in its list of work. 

Like that. There are currently no other ways to add a link to Instagram history without 10,000 subscribers. 

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