How to reach an Instagram audience in 2020

How to reach an Instagram audience in 2020

Six ways to gain an audience in Insta in 2020
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2011-08-20

Being popular on the most popular social network ... it's so tempting! True, most users have less than 500 subscribers, and it's hard to call them popular. The services of SMM agencies (especially in Moscow) are not cheap; How to gain an audience on Instagram, especially if you start almost from scratch? 


Many irresponsibly claim that this method has outlived itself. For commercial accounts, stores, this is largely true. But for a personal blog (especially thematic), a mass subscription to other accounts will give 500-1000 new subscribers per month. The main thing is to correctly select the accounts to which you subscribe. 

Mutual subscription

The way is so-so, because the audience will not be very targeted and not active. But at the start it will do. Look in the TOP posts for hashtags "mutual subscriptions", "PR game" and so on. They will explain everything to you :)

Cheat subscribers

The method has completely lost its meaning after updating the algorithms on Instagram. Cheat always attracts bots, not living people (even if they promise you something else, know: this is a lie!). These bots will never watch, like and comment on your posts (there are cheat likes, but these are other bots). 

It turns out that you'll formally have a lot of backers, but few views, likes and comments. For Insta, this is a signal: your account is uninteresting, you do not need to show your posts! As a result, you will lose coverage even among your real subscribers. 


An expensive way. But you can very accurately select the audience. Would you like women aged 22-24, living 500m from you and interested in cosmetics? Launch the target! 


Advertising on a blogger gives the most loyal audience, as a blogger presents you using his authority. This method, as well as the subsequent ones, should be applied after recruiting the first 1000-2000 subscribers. 

Giva and marathons

Giveaway (a rally for bloggers) can give VERY many subscribers and very quickly. There are two problems: the audience is not interested in you at all, for the most part consists of freeloaders and “grievances”. The second - mass unsubscribes after the end of the contest, because of which Insta will consider your account to be of poor quality. 

A marathon (in fact, a thematic giv as an online course) is a more targeted way. If you find a marathon whose audience suits you, use it! 

These basic methods show how to gain an audience on Instagram from scratch. Do not use wraps and lay at least a small budget, and everything will be fine :)

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