How can you free Instagram followers and is it worth it

How can you free Instagram followers and is it worth it

Everyone who has an account on Instagram has at least once thought about how to win subscribers on Instagram and whether it can be done for free
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2018-04-20

Everyone who has an Instagram account at least once thought about how to get subscribers on Instagram and whether it can be done for free. Everyone wants to have an audience of thousands. So what are the ways? 

Methods for cheating subscribers
  • Promotion of bots
  • Mutual subscription
  • Participation in SFS

With the first method (promotion of bots) everything is ultimate clear. There is no benefit from such subscribers, but there is a risk of getting a ban from Instagram. In addition, even housewives (why "even" ... she is now very advanced in these matters!) Have learned to distinguish between wound subscribers and real ones. Yes, and this method is not free: you will have to pay money, although very small, from 10 rubles per 1000 subscribers (this is THOUSAND times cheaper than real subscribers). It is also worth keeping in mind that the effect will be short-lived: within a few weeks, most of the subscriptions will disappear. 

Mutual subscriptions are a much more friendly method of recruiting subscribers. And completely free. The algorithm is this: you are searching on Instagram for hashtags # liketime # vp # mutual subscriptions # PR games and similar TOP posts, in the comments of which people write that they want mutual subscriptions. Write about it in the comments yourself, subscribe to other participants (the more, the better - taking into account Insta limits, of course). And expect reciprocity from them :)

The third way. SFS is something like a contest: you subscribe to several accounts of the organizers, fulfill other conditions of the contest (for example, leave a comment). And then among all the participants a free PR is played out from one of the promoted organizers of the competition. The method is good, but it greatly depends on your luck, and also (alas!) On the honesty of the organizers. 

In general, ways to win subscribers on Instagram (including free of textge) really exist. But keep in mind: it will be much longer than with paid advertising, and the quality of the audience will be different. Therefore, all these methods are suitable only for the initial promotion of the account. 

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