How to advertise on Instagram stories

How to advertise on Instagram stories

Do you want to make blog ads for Instagram stories, but don't know how?
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Printed 2012-05-20

Blogging insanity continues! Not a blogger yet? Or already? Or do you want to make blog ads for Instagram story, but don’t know how? Responsible marketer SMM agencies :)

How to get advertising from a blogger

There are at least three ways. First, the most obvious: first find a suitable blogger (right on Insta), make sure that his audience is not screwed up, and then just write in a personal (in Direct). This works with those who have up to 30 ... 50 thousand subscribers: when there are more of them, the blogger's personal messages turn into trash, and it makes no sense to write there. 

In this case, the second method works: find the commercial contact of the blogger (mail manager or a special PR account). Sometimes they are indicated directly in the header of the main profile; if not, check out the subscriptions of several bloggers: usually they themselves are subscribed to the PR account of those who advertised. 

The third way is to use a third-party service (something like GetBlogger or, for example, some kind of telegram chat). 

How to advertise others

Now we'll sit on the other side of the barricades. Suppose you were paid (Hurray!) For advertising or, for example, you are doing mutual PR with someone. How to advertise something? 

Usually advertising in story starts with an “eyeliner”. This is one or more stories in which the blogger smoothly brings subscribers to the topic. For example, he talks about his questions in the legal field in order to give contact of “his” lawyer in the next stories. 

Often the last in a series of these stories put a “layout”: this is the video that the advertiser sends. You only need to put it in the story, adding the mark of the desired account via @. 

In order to advertise in stories, the advertiser's Instagram must be prepared: the profile is executed, the header is provided with an intelligible description. Then everything will be fine :)

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