How to become an aspiring blogger on Instagram

How to become an aspiring blogger on Instagram

What do you need to do to become an installer and earn money on it?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2012-06-20

Eat free in restaurants, earn more TV stars, sell your stories for hundreds of thousands of rubles ... the dream of many, isn't it?)

Unfortunately, there were times when everyone could become a TOP blogger without special efforts (just doing it properly) have long passed. Now how to become a novice blogger? On Instagram or Tick Tok :)

1. Rummage within yourself

The problem of 90% of bloggers because of which they give up their blogs is in the absence of real interest in the topic. They choose what is fashionable and hype, forgetting about their own desires. 

It should be the other way around: you write about what you are interested in and what makes you rush, and you hype according to the situation, with your special look at the cause of hype. 

To do this, it is useful to make a “mental map” and draw a diagram of all the interests that you have. 

2. Prepare quality content

Think ahead what you'll write about for at least a month. If these are posts - put them in the planner, if there is a video - draft scripts. An experienced blogger can write situationally, “at the call of the heart”, but for a beginner without a disciplining plan it will be difficult. 

We should also take care of the photo: on Insta this is an important thing, and without a high-quality visual it is unlikely to start. 

3. Set up an account

You will need to make a beautiful description for the “header” of your profile on Instagram so that people who come to your page (from advertising or mass media) are interested. What will hook them? You need to think about this in advance and present a few traits that will be textacteristic of your audience. 

4. Come on! 

This is also a common mistake of many. “I will do cool content, they will notice me! I won't pay for advertising. ” It worked a year in 2015, and now there are so many bloggers that you'll just drown among them. 

Start with free and cheap ways: mutual subscriptions, mutual PR, mass follow, commenting. 

Then, when the blog grows to 2000-5000 subscribers, and you gain experience, connect paid channels: targeting, advertising with bloggers, marathons. And if you are in Moscow, a SMM agency will help you go through all these steps an order of magnitude faster. 

If you are thinking about how to become a novice blogger on Instagram, keep in mind: starting is easy, the main thing is to regularly move on regularly, purposefully and confidently. Good luck to you! ;)

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