How to become popular in Tik Tok

How to become popular in Tik Tok

4 Ways to Increase Your Popularity in Ticktock
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2018-07-20

I know you want a lot of fans and fans in Tick Tok, and you want fast. Let's figure out what can be done. 


First, design it properly. Write in the profile header how many phrases that are attractive (as far as possible, hahaha) describe you and what you shoot. Fill your account with vidos with cool previews. 


At first, no one sees you. To fix this, manifest yourself: subscribe to others, like, note in the comments. It's better if you not only spoil there, but write something nice to the account holder. He will cry and subscribe to you, 100%. 


Watch what's popular and put in your videos. I have nothing more to add here. 


You have to get there. Tighten up all your sense of humor, wake up the talent of the director and screenwriter and washed down a 15-second clip, over which they will laugh. And to inspect to the end. 

It should have a high-quality picture, good or trendy music and a catchy finale. 

You need to learn how to make content that will "go in". To become popular in Tick Tok, it is not enough to wind up subscribers (it is not so expensive and very simple). You need to find "your": a genre in which it will be easy and simple for you to shoot an interesting video. 

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