How to make money on a free blog in 2020

How to make money on a free blog in 2020

How to get profit from Insta by keeping a free account
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Printed 2011-07-20

Blogging is a powerful trend in 2019 and 2020. If before that, maintaining your own blog was popular, now (especially after the Instagram boom) it is VERY popular - we are judged by appeals to our SMM agency . The prospect of "living high" and earning on it, "as if doing nothing," is attractive ... but how to make money on a free blog on Instagram or on another site? 

Advertising by other bloggers

Yes, while the blogging boom is still ongoing, you can get the main revenue not from advertising any brands, but from advertising other bloggers (similar or related topics ) This is perceived by the audience more simply - “subscribe to Dasha, she has a cool blog about la la la ...”. 

And if your blog is thematic, then it's fine: you can exchange audiences by barter (or partial barter). 

Commercial advertising

There are a lot of formats in which you can earn on advertising. You can start with small advertisers: now the fashion is for “microinfluencers,” that is, bloggers with a small, but loyal and trusting audience. 

In a more serious and solid way, a blogger can be a “brand ambassador”, formally support the company and promote its products or services. 

Physical product

The most profitable way to earn money. Having your loyal audience, you can sell a lot of it. And much cheaper. 

Sometimes these are physical goods - for example, clothes or a book. The well-developed personal brand of a blogger in this case becomes a locomotive that drives sales without initial investment in marketing. And if you make these injections ...

Virtual product

And sometimes (and very often) a blogger sells an information product: his online course or webinar. This, again, works especially well for thematic blogs. If you write about healthy nutrition and weight loss, then the webinar about choosing foods for a diet, subscribers will perceive “with a bang”. 

Despite the fact that the online learning market is crowded with textlatans and “infocigans,” a powerful personal brand protects consumers from bad thoughts: trust in a blogger is stronger than these prejudices! 

As you can see, there are a lot of options for how to make money on a free blog. The main thing is to bring the blog to a level where it can be effectively monetized. 

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