Like time on Instagram

Like time on Instagram

Liketime (Liketime) as a way to promote your account
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2027-06-20

Since 2017, Instagram times have become very popular among bloggers and SMMs. What is it, why are they needed and how to find them? Responsible specialist SMM agencies KOKOSOV. 

Smart feed

Since the so-called “smart feed” was introduced on Instagram, posts in the feed began to show not by chronology, but by the level of reaction to them from other users. Roughly speaking, you will be the first to see not those posts that have just been published, but those that like a lot. 

If your post in the first 20-30 minutes after publication did not score at least 20..30% of the usual number of likes, Instagram considers it “unsuccessful”. And since there is no interest in him, why show it to the rest of your subscribers? 

In addition, the number of likes (as well as comments and saves) affects the entry of the post in the TOP and “recommended”. 


To “fool” Instagram algorithms, the following method was invented. A popular post (or a blogger) publishes a post titled “Like Time”. Further, according to the rules described in the post, each participant writes a comment in the format "I want to like each other, 3/3." This means that if you open his profile and put 3 likes on recent publications, he promises to do the same in return. 

To participate, just write a comment indicating how many likes you want and how many are ready to put in response. And also go over previous commentators (the more the better) and follow their requests. So that they understand that the likes come from precisely Limetime, like their comment or write “Done” or something like that in response. 

How to search for Like times

To find Like Time on Instagram is simple: open the hashtag search and enter #liketime (if you are satisfied with likes from accounts from any countries) or # liketime (if you want Russian-speaking). Take part in 5-10 likes, and about 100-200 quality likes are guaranteed for you! 

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