Influencers and microinfluencers

Influencers and microinfluencers

We understand whether these words are abusive, who are influencers and how to cook them
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Printed 2026-09-20

Influence marketing through micro influencers is considered the current global trend among SMM agencies , and the importance of this direction will only grow. Some of the world's largest brands work with microinfluencers. Companies such as Airbnb, ASOS and Glossier are known for their results in this area. However, most companies have not yet fully realized the value of microbloggers. 

Unlike traditional “macro” influencers or brand ambassadors, micro-influencers have fewer subscribers, but among them there is a higher percentage of devoted, active and responsive fans who often share common interests or passions. The advice of the microinfluencer, like the advice of a close friend, is often more effective than the words of a celebrity. 

Marketers work with these people, because it's a more cost-effective way of advertising than partnership with the famous brand ambassador. In addition, the selection of credible micro influencers allows marketers to build deeper relationships with their target audience. 

Monzo history

Monzo banking application is one of the companies that from the very beginning used micro-influencers as a way to build a customer base and enhance its reputation. The Monzo team has already been associated with some micro-technology bloggers and took advantage of this. They gave prepaid debit cards to a small group of microinfluencers in a technology niche to give them a try on their product. The dissemination of information happened very quickly, because the product was good, and the audience of micro-influencers was closely related: this means that positive reviews about Monzo quickly spread among their subscribers .. This approach directly affected sales and, as a result, the company rapid growth. 

Intelligence among micro-influencers

Many companies use micro-influencers to publish paid content that advertises a product or service. But experienced and cunning marketers realized that, in addition to this, the micro-influencer community can provide other benefits. Anyone who does not yet know about this method and does not use it is missing out on opportunities. 

After you have identified a group of suitable microbloggers, take the time to just follow them a bit. It does not cost anything, but it can provide valuable information for the company and help in the development of advertising campaigns and creatives that will catch the target audience. 

A great example of this is a recent project from a Pulsar client. A well-known automobile brand wanted car fans to organically (by themselves) post content about the latest supercar of this brand. The company took the time to understand how and when the relevant group of micro-influencers spoke about other automotive premieres. They expected that television coverage would be the best way to achieve their goal, however, having spent time listening to micro influencers, they learned that the community would be more active in talking about cars participating in track days and car dealerships. The study showed that focusing on these events at launch will cause more discussion and attraction more attention than if the car was shown on television. This allowed the brand to direct its marketing expenses in a more productive direction. 

This form of research can be continued one step further. Contact microinfluencers that are appropriate for your target audience and ask them to participate in the discussion. This can be a two-way discussion (in person or online) between the company and micro influencers, in which the company will ask specific questions to better understand the desires, hopes, motives of the audience (and her sense of humor, by the way!). These ideas will help in creating creatives for all marketing and determine the difference between “good” and “excellent” advertising ..

Building a “microarmy"

If the research is done correctly , you can find a whole A set of suitable microinfluencers for your business. This makes it possible to create a "group of brand advocates." Take the time to get to know microbloggers and talk with them about your product. What you offer them can make their life easier, satisfy their needs or make them happier. Thus, you will find several regular customers who will use their influence to organically talk about the advantages of your company for their close-knit audience. 

Promotional posts from the microinfluencer, which is respected and trusted by your target audience, will help attract attention to the company and increase sales. But marketers lose a lot without getting extra value from these people. This value is an understanding of how they communicate on the Internet, a close acquaintance with them and an understanding of those that interest them, and at the same time, the promotion of “brand protection”. The audience of micro-influencers may be small, but their authority is great. 

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