PR Instagram for free

PR Instagram for free

Three ways to publicize your profile on Instagram for free
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2029-07-20

Is there a way to free Instagram PR? Yes, of course, and not even one. We will briefly talk about how to do this. 


The oldest way to promote is through mass subscriptions. The essence of this method is to find accounts with an interesting audience (for example, competitor accounts) and subscribe in a row to their subscribers. Seeing a subscription from you in notifications, 3..4% of people will open your account and sign up in response. 

This method does not require money, unless you want to subscribe not manually, but using a special program. Such services allow you to subscribe automatically, while observing the Instagram limits and filtering those who are subscribed to (for example, ignoring an account without avatars). 


Mutual Subscription. The method is similar to the previous one, but here you directly agree with other users that you are subscribing to each other mutually. Unlike massfall, the audience will turn out to be inappropriate. But the promotion will go faster. To find those who want to subscribe mutually, look for posts with the tags “mutual subscription” and “PR game”. 


The method gives a small but also free result. You need to find several bloggers with an interesting audience and an average (5000-100 000) number of subscribers. Further, as soon as one of them has a new post, run there and write a comment. But not in the spirit of “cool, thanks for the post”, but meaningful. The task is to show yourself to the subscribers of the blogger, to interest and attraction to your account. 

As you can see, organizing an Instagram PR for free is not so difficult. All these methods work rather slowly, so starting from 5000-10000 subscribers it makes sense to use mostly paid methods of promotion. 

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