Social Media Promotion Plan

Social Media Promotion Plan

Promotion Plan on Insta, Facebook, Twitter: how to do it and why it is needed
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2013-11-20

Now everyone is on social media. Given the current competition in the market, it is important to develop in a reliable and powerful SMM-strategy in order to obtain significant results. You should work on planning and strategy, and not continue the generally accepted traditions. 

Let's start our discussion with current social media promotion statistics , which you should be aware of. 

Active users

The use of social networks is increasing rapidly: there are already 3.2 billion active users around the world. And this is not the end: their number is increasing, and the main reason for this is the mobile Internet. You are probably thinking about how you could get an equally huge result from social networks. To get started, select the priority social network in which you want to work. In the West, Facebook is almost always preferable to launch, which, without a doubt, is the market leader and has 2.32 billion active users per month. 

Having chosen a social network, make sure to keep abreast of its algorithms that will greatly influence your path. 

Social Media Time < / h2>

This is a more accurate analysis of the behavior of users of social networks. It seems that today everyone uses social networks, and on average this is the case. An average person spends almost 2 hours 22 minutes on social networks. You will benefit from this tremendous commitment if you are armed with the latest and long-term strategies. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a really big layer of marketing, with great profitability, but also with its tricks. Below we will discuss tactics that will help you get more results for your target audience. 

Smartphone users

Due to the increased demand for the use of mobile devices, the business is trying to work with the audience through mobile applications. Almost 91% of users of social networks access them through mobile devices. 

Use these statistics to better plan long-term actions. What's next? Now get ready to look for strategies and tactics for various platforms on social networks. Below are the tactics you need. 

SMM Strategies

Planning and strategy will help to raise your business to great heights, you just need to learn not to limit yourself to the scope. Let's discuss exactly how. For greater convenience, we have divided these strategies into various social networks. 


Regularity, reach and hashtags are what you should maximize. To follow the most effective path, think about this tactic:

  • Use Instagram life hacks that will work for you. This will attract more customers to your product and services. 
  • Next in this line are guest posts and mutual PR. This allows you to use influencers to gather the right target audience. 
  • There is no better choice than hashtags to improve visibility. When your target audience is in search of hashtags, capture their concentration through brand concentration. Using the correct hashtags is important to get exceptional results. 


This platform has shown significant growth and has become popular: it is also used by SMM agencies < / a>, and business directly. Increase brand awareness by promoting it through blog posts. Take care of the following points to get good results:

  • Hashtags are also important. Not every hashtag is relevant to your business: use the ones that are best suited to your topic
  • Building relationships with promoted and influential people will ensure rapid growth
  • Twitter surveys are another tool with which you need to work. This helps to interact with the target audience. 
  • Twitter contests are relevant for both new accounts and for an already developed business. 


How we already mentioned above, Facebook is the largest platform for promotion on social networks. There are several ways to help you get the desired results:

  • Like other social networks, use contests: they are important for promotion. 
  • Design a strategy with a deep approach to needs and the pain of the target audience
  • Live broadcasts have become very popular, and this trend is intensifying. Using this channel, you can increase brand awareness and build a more trusting, “personal” relationship with the audience
  • Chatbots in the Facebook messenger is another novelty that strengthens marketing for both large and small companies
  • Facebook posts need to be promoted: this will increase the visibility of your publications, which may initially remain invisible to subscribers. 

What next? We will discuss some anti-crisis tips that will be useful to almost any business. 

Social Media Policies

Provided with clear guidelines and documented social media policies, your employees will find it easier to find what they should post and avoid. Thus, you can improve results even in times of crisis. 

Communication with the audience

Effective communication with the audience in social networks has become a necessity, from identifying customer needs to optimizing advertising in a crisis. 

  • Start to improve communication with customers by understanding what is happening in this area
  • Register all complaints from dissatisfied customers: they can identify the causes of the crisis
  • Reduce the barriers that arise when interacting with customers. 
  • Do not remove negative comments, but provide them with a clear, polite response, and ask for a response. This is the best and most fruitful tactic that will also improve communication with the audience. 

Remember! Despite the fact that you provide excellent products and services, a quick and clear answer is what customers need first. Answer quickly, and they will not go to competitors. If you have not worked on this, start as soon as possible. 


With in-depth painstaking research, a social media promotion plan and knowledge of market statistics, you will get great results from promotion on social networks. Social media marketing requires constant updating of current tactics. In this article, we have provided relevant statistics, as well as strategies regarding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To cope with the crisis, develop a clear social media policy, including quick feedback and reaction to customer questions. 

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