Instagram Sales: Getting Started

Instagram Sales: Getting Started

What distinguishes those who successfully sell through Instu? 5 life hacks
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2013-10-20

Instagram is now one of the fastest ways to attract a large number of users and introduce them to your company. Numbers don't lie: Instagram has over 1 billion live accounts and over 500 million active users every day. 

Advertising on Instagram is becoming increasingly important both for the social network itself and for advertisers - it can be a SMM agency or a business directly . More and more companies want to advertise on Instagram because of its huge audience, and Facebook - the owner of Instagram - sees a tasty opportunity to monetize such traffic. And since the social network is developing in the visual direction, users who want to get as much information as possible, but in less time, switch from editorial to mostly visual content. This creates a whole new set of marketing techniques. How can they convey accurate information through images and small text? What strategies should be used to re-engage users? 

1. High quality and content

Potential buyers are not looking for nice images of products; they are actually looking for content that stimulates some kind of arousal and interest in it. To create such a feeling for your audience, you must have not only high-quality, but also “beating to the point” content - images, videos or slide shows. 

Creating such content is not easy, and this work begins with the right strategy. Create less content but good quality than tons of mediocre content that you won't watch. 

2. Understand your audience. 

Although this sounds pretty obvious, sometimes it's harder for a business to really understand their customers. A business should have one main goal when creating its strategy in social networks, and it should focus on attracting an audience that is sincerely interested in what you offer. It makes no sense to have thousands of subscribers who do not interact with your company at all. 

There are a few tricks that can help you figure out which audience will be the target for your business. Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, of course, are some of the best tools for this. Analytics systems collect data about visitors and break them down into categories. You can find out details about the age, gender, interests and behavior of visitors to your site. This information can then be used to target various advertising platforms, including Instagram. 

4. Storytelling

An image is worth a thousand words, and this is the best way to convey information in a creative and unique way. Instagram helps you with this, allowing you to tell stories (both in posts and in Stories) with visual content, whether it's a video, a looped “boomerang” movie or photo; Instagram is an amazing tool for communicating with your audience emotionally. This is an effective channel for telling stories from the life of the company. 

Great and quick tip: do not try to impose a product photo on your audience, give your content a larger and more diverse look. It's also very important to set up your Instagram profile and create uniformity in style and regularity in your posts. Using the same color scheme, dividing topics into rubrics, and creating series (for example, “Meet the Team”) will help you connect with your subscribers. 

5. Continuous activity

This is one of the best techniques for increasing sales and emphasizing the uniqueness of a product (instead of being just one of the many companies selling this product or service on Instagram). It is to maintain a constant flow of quality information from your brand. Subscribers want to understand what your company is all about. They want to know the “identity” of your brand, and the best way to talk about it is with social media content. 

Constancy, the ability to show the life of the company and to establish an emotional connection with the audience, along with quality content that is interesting specifically for your customers, is the key to the success of promotion on social networks . If you finally decided to start selling on Instagram, then, the following the above recommendations, you can optimize your SMM strategy for better engagement and truly successful advertising. 

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