Instagram promotion for free

Instagram promotion for free

A few ways to slowly but for free promote your acc on Instagram
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2006-07-20

Many people hope that they can arrange for themselves the promotion of Instagram for free or with minimal investment. It really was easy to do at a time when Insta was still not so popular. But is there a chance for a free promotion now? Let's get it right. 

Manual mass follow-up

Find an account (such as a blogger) with an average number of subscribers (5,000 to 30,000) whose audience is similar to yours. Open the list of its subscribers and start subscribing to everyone in a row (skipping commercial and "left" accounts. Be careful: if you do more than 40 subscriptions per hour, you can get a ban (the numbers are valid for 2019). Some users will subscribe to you if they are interested in your account.

Mutual subscriptions

Find the hashtags # mutual subscriptions, # PR-game, # f4f posts where I am joining bloggers and subscribe to each other. Note in the comments and subscribe to other participants.

Mutual PR

Find users who are similar to your audience and like You are the number of subscribers. Write to them in personal messages an offer to make mutual advertising : you will post or post a story about them, and they about you. 

Output to TOP

Make your posts go to TOP according to popular niche hashtags. This can be achieved with the help of lactimes or cheating likes and saves. 


Report in the comments of bloggers who have an interesting audience for you and the average number of subscribers is 5,000 - 100,000 people. Write meaningful and interesting comments on the merits, and others will notice you. 

These five methods of free promotion on Instagram take time and work quite slowly, but will allow you to get an initial audience without any investments. 

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