Instagram promotion yourself

Instagram promotion yourself

What do you need to promote your Insta and not mess up?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2006-07-20

The services of promotion specialists on social networks, and even more so SMM agencies cost considerable money. What to do for those who are not ready to invest heavily, want to save money and do Instagram promotion on their own? 

First, remember the main rule: you can advance cheaper, but longer. Instead of money, you have to invest something else: time and effort, for sure. Get ready for it! 

Learn free methods < / h2>

There are quite a few of them. This is a mutual PR with novice bloggers, promotion of hashtags, participation in interactive programs such as "mutual subscription", commenting on popular posts. 

Take courses on targeted advertising

In this area of __advertising, in fact, there are no such difficulties: everyone can master the basic principles. However, unlike experienced targetologists, you will not know many small chips and details that come only with experience and allow you to make advertising cheaper and more efficient. 


Understand how it works, and deal with massfall manually. So it is quite possible to reach about 5,000 subscribers in a few months without investing a dime. And for an amount of about $ 10, you can buy a monthly access to a service that performs these actions (mass subscriptions) automatically. 

SMM courses

You can study the profession in an amount sufficient for your own promotion at one of the many courses conducted by renowned bloggers, agency owners and individual specialists. And if you're lucky and you get a good course, you can earn more on a new business in the future :)

As you can see, promoting Instagram yourself is an understandable and real task. Do not expect instant results, do not give up and act confidently! 

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