Where to start SMM in 2020

Where to start SMM in 2020

10 ideas for finally starting to advance in social networks
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2013-12-20

Where to start SMM promotion? Whether you are a novice specialist or a business owner, it's not important, but the worst action is inaction, and the biggest problem is that nobody sees you (and not that they're not talking about you). When you are active on social networks, you can collect feedback, hear feedback and work out negative comments about your business. But if no one even talks about you, you have no chance of growth. This means that you need to increase activity in social networks as soon as possible in order not only to use the opportunities that it provides to your business, but also to develop and protect your reputation. 

This is a good idea - start with a plan containing goals and organizational structure, then stick to it. If you begin to follow this or that path and realize that what you are doing is wrong - you can change the path. As in life, you yourself change the approach to communication and interaction with customers. The only difference is that on the social network you are “talking” through the keyboard, and your potential audience is much, much larger. 

Here are 10 steps to get started. 

1. Define your goals

What do you want from social media promotion ? Why will you do this? Do you want to get direct sales? Or introduce a new form of customer service? Do you want to build customer relationships and increase loyalty? Your answers to these questions greatly affect the type of content that you will publish and the actions that will need to be performed. 

2. Rate your resources

Who will create the content and how? Who will support your accounts? Who will answer the questions and be the “face” of your online business? Do you have knowledge in digital marketing? If not, are you ready to learn? Can you or someone who works with you be able to write good texts? You must be sure that you have the right people to complete your marketing plan before you start investing. And if you decide to contact the SMM agency , check if you have enough budget. 

3. Know your audience. 

Where does your target audience spend time on the Internet? What content are they talking about the most? What information do they want from you? What do they not like? Remember that you are not just posting. You need to find out what your audience wants and needs, so that you can give it content that will be useful and interesting. However, you must also include the “personal” element so that people really want to interact with you. 

4. Create awesome content

Once you find out where your audience spends time and what content it consumes, give them more of that content. Do not stop. You should constantly offer your audience “amazing” content and engage the audience in the discussion in order to create a base of loyal subscribers who trust you as a source that can satisfy their needs and expectations. 

5. Combine marketing channels

All of your actions should feed each other. Work both online and offline, and make sure that your social networks and offline resources work smoothly. 

6. Create a schedule

Set aside a specific time during the day to devote yourself to SMM. For example, spend five minutes on Twitter before checking your email in the morning, and another five minutes in the evening. When you create a schedule, it will be easier to maintain regularity. 

7. Accept the 80-20 rule

Always spend at least 80 percent of your time and content on what is not self-promotion, and not more than 20 percent of your time on self-promotion. 

8. Quality, not quantity. 

Don’t dwell on numbers, chasing after thousands of new subscribers. It's better to have 1,000 active, loyal followers than 10,000 followers who will never read you again. 

9. Leave control

You must allow your audience to have an impact on your communication so that they have an emotional attachment to you, your brand and your business. Remember that on a social network, apathy or invisibility is a more serious problem than negativity. 

10. Keep Learning

You should never stop listening and learning. To succeed in SMM, you need not only to start, but to persevere and the ability to constantly learn and introduce new things. 

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