Instagram promotion service

Instagram promotion service

A brief classification of useful services to promote Insta
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2009-07-20

Customers of our SMM agencies often ask if there are any Instagram promotion services that they can use on their own. This article will show some examples of useful programs. 

Cheat subscribers

These are the most popular services for Instagram. With their help, you can get several thousand subscribers in just a couple of days. It will cost quite a bit, about $ 5 ... $ 10, depending on the specific service. We do not use such programs, since the result of the wrapping will be an inanimate account full of bots. It will either have to be removed or cleaned from useless robotic subscribers. Otherwise, corrupted statistics will make further advancement useless. 

Cheat like and statistics

Unlike the previous method, likes can be used with caution. Usually this function is available for the same services that offer subscribers cheating. In this case, it is not so important who liked the live user or the robot. Twisted likes and saves may very well help you get into the TOP and attract new subscribers. 

Publishing planning

This does not directly affect promotion, but the use of delayed publishing (auto-posting) services can greatly reduce the time spent on posting content. In addition, it simplifies life in cases where you need to release a post, and you are on the road or, for example, sleeping. 

Mass subscription services

Mass follow programs will help you if you have an attractive account that people want to subscribe to (in principle, this is a necessary condition for almost any type of promotion ) Use such services with caution, without going beyond the limits set by Insta. 

By functionality, most Instagram promotion services are very similar and differ mainly in the number of settings and the cost of use. 

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