Instagram promotion services in 2020

Instagram promotion services in 2020

Popular foreign Insta promotion services in 2020
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Printed 2012-08-20

The potential of Instagram has remained unchanged over the past few years, its ability to show your brand directly to your target audience, both personal and corporate. This platform has the fastest growth and, according to forecasts, this year the monthly increase in active audience will exceed 111 million users. 

Our SMM agency develops and markets brands in Digital, and one of the first questions studied during the research and preparation phase is whether it's easy to promote a product on Instagram. If not, the idea is often discarded. 

Instagram marketing can help you quickly scale your business, and there are several tools that will help along the way, each with its own strengths (depending on your specific needs and strategy on Instagram). Here are ten tools that you should pay attention to - and test - to fully utilize the capabilities of the currently most popular social network. 

1. SocialCaptain

To attract followers on Instagram, you need to be active in their profiles. However, manual commenting on content and setting likes can take a lot of time. So an automation tool, such as SocialCaptain, appeared. It interacts with other Instagram profiles automatically, so you do not need to do everything manually. 

Through the use of artificial intelligence, SocialCaptain finds real users that match your target audience. You can set it to like, subscribe to other users and make comments on similar content. 

I suggest using it or similar services in addition to manual work. If you rely entirely on automation, your actions may look artificial and spammy. Use automation, but don't rely on it 100 percent. 

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a planning tool. One of the social network planning and management services that works with most social networks. You can manage your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest through a single control panel. 

Hootsuite now allows you to publish content directly to Instagram, which he really missed in the past. Although Instagram offers great opportunities, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. This tool allows you to plan content for all social networks in advance, ensuring that you will have publications on every social network that has your audience. 

3. Grum

Grum is also a scheduling service similar to Hootsuite. However, it is designed specifically for Instagram. If most of your marketing is focused on Instagram, some of the features of the service deserve attention. For example, you can configure it to publish content in the future without the need for confirmation later (which, in particular, requires Hootsuite). 

Another useful feature is the ability to automatically add the first comment to any of your posts. If you use hashtags, including them in the post itself can sometimes make it worse. And adding them as the first comment will make your content a little more attractive. 

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is a feature-rich tool for Instagram and Pinterest. This is a planner, analytics tool, content manager, social monitoring tool, hashtag tracker and subscriber database management service. 

In addition, it is designed to work together as a team and allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. 

Tailwind is used by major brands such as eBay, Walmart, General Mills and Viacom. He is also an official Instagram partner, so you can be sure that using it is safe. 

5. Hashtracking

In order to succeed on Instagram, you need to pay close attention to analytic data, and Hashtracking is an easy-to-use tool that helps you track account growth , analyze performance, improve content, identify subscribers and develop more effective ones. advertising campaigns. 

Have you ever noticed that some of the most successful brands on Instagram adhere to a very limited color scheme? This is a trend that is becoming more effective because it works. Hashtracking has a built-in feature called ColorTracking. This allows you to organize posts by the colors found in your content and determine the color schemes that provide the most interest to subscribers. 

6. Minter

Minter is another analysis tool, but in addition to receiving detailed information about your account, you can also monitor competitors in your niche. This is the main reason why I find this tool useful. Keeping track of some of the most popular profiles in your niche, it allows you to stay up to date with what is now popular and allows you to outline a content strategy that is more likely to attract your target audience. 

For agencies, this tool allows you to export data in PDF, CSV, Excel file or PowerPoint presentation. You can also add your own logo to create corporate reports that you can schedule for distribution to customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

7. Boost

Although Instagram is a surprisingly effective social network in terms of brand recognition, it's not very convenient for selling goods. Instagram doesn't allow you to put links in the signature - the only place where you can put the URL is in the profile header. Users will have to go to your site to complete the purchase. 

Boost is a tool that changes the shopping process on Instagram. After you set up Boost, all your customers will be able to use your own hashtag - they can comment or send text messages to your # hashtag to make a purchase. 

Via SMS, they will need to confirm and complete the purchase. It is simple, fast and does not require downloading any applications. This is a great option for businesses that want to get away from the annoying call to action "Link in the header!". 

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media management application that has several different tools. This is a post-scheduler, content management service, subscriber manager, analytics service and mention tracker. But there are a couple of other features that I recommend. 

Firstly, it works with many platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, Vimeo and others. Secondly, it has a Chrome extension that allows you to share any page on the Internet with all your social media accounts in two clicks. 

9. Repost

Content reposting is a common thing on Instagram. Many accounts repost to share user-generated content created by their customers, fans, and subscribers. However, this can be a serious inconvenience, as Instagram does not have any features to do this instantly. You need to download the image and then upload it yourself. 

Repost is an application that optimizes this process, allowing you to publish any photo or video, mentioning the author, which is always recommended when publishing other people's content. 

Hosting custom content with your product is one way to truly interest your customers on social networks. Hosting their content with your brand is an easy way to build long-term relationships. 

10. Over

Over gives you access to a great creative set. You can use it to edit images, add text and improve your content using various filters. Over also has a large library of stock stocks and professionally designed visual templates. 

Over was also designed to work with Instagram Stories. “Stories” allows you to truly attract the attention of the viewer, and if you have access to the “swipe up” function, this is a great way to stimulate sales using creative content. If you have limited experience editing images and videos, such an application will create attractive stories. 

Of course, there will be even more services for promoting Instagram in 2020. But these 10 will come in handy for sure! 

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