How much does PR cost in Insrtagram

How much does PR cost in Insrtagram

PR rates on Insta: what are they and what do they depend on?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2019-05-20

Everyone who is promoting their profile is interested in pricing: how much does PR cost on Instagram and how much is it reasonable to pay for it? Let's get it right. 


Advertising can be bought even from users with very few subscribers. For example, a PR in stories for a novice blogger with 1000-5000 subscribers can cost about 500 rubles (the price is relevant at the beginning of 2019 and depends on the topic and the quality of the blog). 

Large and medium blogs

With the number of subscribers between 50,000 and 100,000, the cost of advertising will already be several thousand rubles. You need to keep in mind that the real coverage will be less: not the entire audience of the blogger actively follows him, not to mention the bots, a certain percentage of which is always available. If you see a blogger's account with a large number of subscribers, and he calls the price for PR a small one, it's worth considering and checking it for cheating. 


We should also mention the stars with a multi-million audience. Advertising with them often turns out to be ineffective (the result strongly depends on what exactly is advertised and on whether it will go to a huge motley mass of subscribers. But the cost of PR is always decent. If in 2016 we bought advertising on Olga Buzova's for about 150,000 rubles, now we are talking about completely different amounts.


Official advertising on Instagram will cost exactly as much as you want. The question is: what result will you get for this money. A subscriber can cost 10 rubles, or maybe 5 times more expensive - depending on how well you set up your advertising campaign.

As you can see, PR on Instagram costs completely different money , depending on where you are located. Fortunately, there are many options for a limited budget and for major advertiser.

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