SMM for sales in 2020

SMM for sales in 2020

What should be remembered in order for promotion in social networks to give an exhaust? Responsible President PayPal
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2010-12-20

First, PayPal vice president thinks about SMM and sales:

Q: What are the technologies of social media promotion startups can integrate into their sales strategies? 

A: This is a really good question because it emphasizes the changes in how people interact with each other and with companies. Just a few years ago, small businesses just wanted to have a nice website, sales team and good SEO optimization in search engines

All of the above are still very powerful tools, and in fact they form the basis for a competent presence in the digital environment. However, this has changed: people now spend a significant part of their time on social networks built around their interests and relationships. As a result, the buying process has moved from the desire to find something and buy to the desire to periodically see interesting offers based on interests and preferences. In short, intention and “discovery of the new” are intertwined more closely. The challenge is to be with customers when your product or service is important to them. 

Here are four methods for any business, or SMM agencies , which allow you to integrate social networks into the sales process:

1. Choosing a target audience for a social network

The key point here is that not every social network will match your audience. Is your main customer a specialist in recruitment or education? Teenager? A modern mom looking for a great cookie recipe? Perhaps your client is an experienced opinion leader or an adherent of modern technology. Each of these descriptions corresponds to a particular social network - LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter in the indicated order - and determines which social network is best for your company. Choose, start to listen to the problems of people that you can solve, and share meaningful advice. The first step is to build trust. 

2. The right content

An effective SMM strategy requires quality content - the more original and attractive it is, the better. (Hint: always turn on the visual!). Depending on who your client is, you will need to find a balance for how often and in what formats to post. You should also not lose sight of the possibility of reposting or posting third-party materials on Twitter. Need to "make friends" with your customers. 

Remember, of course, that too little or too much content is bad for the goal. If you constantly spam and it's clear to everyone that you just want people to visit your site, you run the risk of alienating potential customers. Recognize that different social networks perform different functions - thoughtful posts can be a way to win the hearts of customers on Facebook, but posting a time-limited discount code may be the best option on Twitter. 

3. Build your audience

You will need to take on the main work of creating your cohesive audience. The best advice I can give is to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Look for relevant sites in social networks to find people who are related to or interested in your industry. Start retweeting them by answering the questions they ask, or share what they say is interesting. By participating in discussions among your potential customers, you attract them and expand your loyal audience. 

4. Relationship with sales

Of course, all of the above does not really matter if sales are not growing. Sometimes this is due to the fact that you give calls to action for both potential customers and those who are not. This is an important point. The nature of social networks is such that it is not always your customers themselves that are more important, but rather the friends of your customers who can influence them. If these friends like what you say, they can essentially make a portion of your sales for you. 

Ultimately, when you sell through social networks, relationships are much more important than leads. People share information, and if you take the time to listen to what they say, you can offer them exactly what they need at that moment. 

This last moment is the place where real innovations are taking place and where we will see the greatest number of investments and changes over the next 6-12 months. Most major social networks are increasingly “played” with the idea of __built-in purchase buttons. This is an incredibly powerful tool for SMM strategy. Imagine that you determined the portrait of your client, found where he or she spends time on the Internet in social networks, created meaningful content to interact with these clients, and then came into contact with them at the very moment when they found the need for your product. 

At that moment, you immediately pleased your customer, increased sales and proved the value of all this hard work. 

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