SMM manager: who is this?

SMM manager: who is this?

We try to distinguish between the concepts of “SMM specialist” and “social media promotion specialist” and SMM manager. Who is this
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2009-11-20

We try to distinguish between the concepts of "SMM specialist" and "promotion specialist in social networks" and SMM manager. Who is this 

The entire range of marketing work in social networks is divided into content generation, work with subscribers and promotion. SMM-manager solves a part of these tasks:

  • Having ready-made content (or participating in its creation) ensures regular publications
  • Answers user comments
  • < li> Answers requests to private messages. 

Generally speaking, the tasks of the SMM manager do not include advertising campaigns, setting up targeted advertising and attracting subscribers. For most small companies, it makes no sense to single out such a position: one SMM specialist will be enough to close both the tasks of publishing content and the promotion itself. 

However , if we are talking about a large project (for example, one where there are many different accounts in social networks and one person cannot manage all of them together), then in addition to the “promoter” you will need one or more managers who will solve more routine tasks. 

An SMM manager is a junior position from which you can start your journey on social media by working for a large company or SMM agency . It does not imply a global influence on the result and is therefore less responsible than the position of a senior SMM specialist whose KPIs are directly related to the results of promotion and the company profit. 

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