SMM specialist - who is it?

SMM specialist - who is it?

SMM specialist - seven-man orchestra ... or not?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2019-06-20

The sharp boom in social networks has generated a whole set of new professions associated with them. Probably the most popular SMM specialist. Who is this and what does he do? 


A good SMM-box starts its work with a strategy. First you need to find out what tasks are set for the promotion, what audience it will be designed for and in what way it will be conducted. If the promotion is SMM agency , these tasks can be entrusted, for example, to a marketer. 


Depending on the topic, different material may be used for publications on social networks. This can be professional photos from a photo shoot, specially captured and edited video clips, there can be simple photos on the phone or generally drawn images. The task of an SMM specialist is to organize the creation of all this content and to monitor the quality and relevance of the strategy. 

In addition, the content needs to be laid out: when exactly to publish posts, whether to make them the same, for example, VKontakte and Instagram - it is up to him too. 


There are many channels of promotion in social networks; some of them can be worked out by the SMM-box itself, and some with the help of other specialists. For example, he can work to increase the involvement of publications and attract subscribers manually, as well as monitor the work of a targetologist and negotiate with popular bloggers about advertising. 

It's probably right to say that an SMM specialist is one who understands all the principles of promoting social networks, and performs most of the content creation and promotion on his own. 

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