Is it worth promoting Tick Tok?

Is it worth promoting Tick Tok?

Is it worth it to promote your account in Ticktock and why?
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2009-08-20

Some new application for social networks is constantly appearing on the market, some growing platform or tool that is destined to become the next global trend. 

Most end up failing. But TikTok feels different. With the support of the Chinese corporation ByteDance, TikTok is growing rapidly, despite the fact that in style it is similar to the Stories that are already implemented everywhere. Filling the void left by Vine, TikTok not only provides an alternative platform for creative expression, but also advances in Western markets. 

< span> The ability to quickly catch growing trends is a key skill! For SMM promotion in social networks to be successful, you need to "get into" new markets and advertising platforms earlier than competitors < / p>

And it may well become the next big social platform - but will it also turn into an actual platform for business? 

Rapid growth

It seems that overnight TikTok became the TOP application at the end of last year. 

Everywhere you look, people published TikTok music videos, references to the app grew on the Internet. As with Snapchat, TikTok was a “worth seeing” application that people wanted to share with their friends. 

This momentum is reflected in download statistics - according to Sensor Tower, the TikTok application has been downloaded more than a billion times, with 663 million of them downloaded in 2018. In comparison, Instagram (which was previously the fastest growing social app) received 444 million new downloads in 2018 - so TikTok is currently growing at a faster rate than the “great” Instagram owned by Facebook. 

Moreover, the Sensor Tower data does not take into account installations from China, so the overall TikTok download numbers are probably much higher. 

After replacing the brand in August last year (ByteDance acquired in 2017), TikTok is gaining momentum, especially in the US market, where it has more than 26 million active (and paying ) users in month. On average, they spend in the app 46 minutes a day. In comparison, data from SimilarWeb released last year showed that Instagram users in the United States spent nearly 53 minutes a day in the Android version, and Snapchat users were active for 49.5 minutes a day. TikTok is still far from the total number of users, but these engagement rates are relatively close. It is clear why social analysts are paying attention to the growth of TikTok. 

In addition, TikTok is already striving to monetize, using its experience in the Chinese market to launch its first promotional offers. And the business, no doubt, pays attention to it - but is there really an opportunity to enter younger markets using TikTok, or will advertising slow down the application and distract people? 

TikTok for brands? 

As recently wrote in Digiday, TikTok has already begun testing ads in the USA, and GrubHub was one of the first to try out the ad units of the launch screen of the platform. 

As you can see, advertising captures the entire screen in full screen mode and opens at startup, and not in the process of using the application. TikTok is still experimenting with different advertising options, but, as already noted, they already have some experience in this area, given that its Chinese version of “Douyin” has more than 300 million active users per month. 

Douyin was launched in China in 2016, and since then the business has been experimenting with advertising on the platform. Douyin even offers agency certification for those who want to help with marketing, as well as promotional packages for promotion. TikTok does not start from scratch, like. Other new social media players: He already has an advertising infrastructure and plan. The Chinese market, of course, is very different, but the application begins with a good position, which will quickly benefit from advertising opportunities. 

So the question is how users will respond to TikTok ads. It may not be a viable advertising platform for your brand. Of course, it depends on the target audience, on how you approach the platform, how creative you are. But at this stage, it's hard to say what benefits ordinary marketers will receive. 

Smart development

Where the TikTok experience through Douyin is most obvious at the moment is the development of the platform, including the introduction of tools designed to protect against abuse. 

TikTok has already launched the keyword filtering function and offers a number of control elements for the profile and privacy of the content, including the ability to specify who can comment on your videos, who can shoot “duets” with your content, as well as an option, allowing you to enable or disable downloads. 

In addition to this, TikTok also recently launched a new series of videos to help users learn how to ensure security in the application. 

As already noted, it is still unknown how users will respond to ads in the application and whether TikTok will be able to maintain growth rates and reach levels achieved, say, by Snapchat. But the indicators at this stage are positive - and if TikTok can grow and increase its market attractiveness, it can attract advertising budgets for those businesses that are looking for access to younger markets. 

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