Illumina Creative project: Apple Service Center Website Design

Apple Service Center Website Design.

Created the design of the site of the company DMJ, which is engaged in the repair of Apple Iphone, repair of Ipad and other gadgets ..

At the request of the customer site design created based on the design of

The site design is minimalistic, clean and bright.

 There are not many graphics, but it is extremely accurate and juicy, like the Apple products themselves.

Task with whom we are faced the website design of the Apple service center, on the one hand, unusual, and on the other, quite standard for those cases when the company is a dimtributor or service center well-known brand with a good fimmenny style.

The style guide was, of course, the Apple site itself; It s clear that this brand has a lot of site-clones, therefore we tried to bring maximum of our own, individual and specific to it to DMJ. As a result, the website design cost turned out to be quite moderate, and the company received a beautiful and clean website in the style of Apple, but with its own chips and features.

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«When I look at the profile of the instagrams you created, everything turns out very high quality, and the information magazine is not stuck with itself and we print our work. Posts are getting more sophisticated and more refined, thanks! »
Ruslana Ilyinskaya (General Director of Ilyinskaya Architectural Studio LLC).
«The picture came to life. Hills like, throw us away from city competitions. A good cut of land. In the center, the flower bed must still be removed and a fountain set up. Also add urban paraphernalia: lanterns with taut flags, benches - what they talked about yesterday »
Elena Proidisvet (Project Manager "1000 days before the 2014 Olympics").