Illumina Creative project: Website Design of Russian Finance Bank

Website Design of Russian Finance Bank.

A convenient and comfortable design has been made for the Russian Finance microloan programs

The most important page of the site tells everything about loans: terms of issue, main differences and amounts.

The concept of the main page of the site.

A simple and non-questioning workflow illustrates the information section of the site.

In the process of working on the project, the design of all the main sections of the site, additional pages, pop-ups and forms was created.

Website design development "P sskih Finance "took place in the early days of microfinance institutions when the market CREDIT UNION services only begin to fill these services. As a basis, we had the basic corporate identity of the bank and its main website, and the task was to preserve the overall style, to create a more selling and at the same time convenient appearance for the microfinance program division.

As a result, we connected in the design bright corporate colors of the bank, juicy individual illustrations and thoughtful information style. Subsequently, we repeatedly ordered a website design for such projects, but Russian Finance was the first :)

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«The process turned out to be not that quick as I expected, but by the end of the day the result is great. The web development services delivered by Illumina Creative are the top level for sure »
Vladimir Burashnikov (EVIG, Co-Owner). Responsive website design was followed by CMS programming
«Great application, there is an interactive menu and a loyalty program »
Matilda Shnurova (Restaurant owner COCOCO, ex-wife of Sergei Shnurov).