Illumina Creative project: Website development for the singer and duet

Website development for the singer and duet.

Well-known artists Alla Zokhina and Mikhail Manzon turned to us to get the most stylish and interesting site for their creative duet.

 Visitor greeted with dark, expensive tones of the site with bright red accents, specially written music and audio message from Alla and Mikhail.

Inside the visitor is waiting for a story about the duo, a player with music and video.

The design of all the necessary pages and forms of the site has been developed.

Alla Zokhina specially recorded an appeal to visitors for the site, and Mikhail Manzon played a wonderful piano part. Such an approach to business is rarely found and has caused great respect from us, and we tried to do our best to make all their colleagues envy the artists' site. The design for the site was ordered in a dark but not gloomy expensive style with bright elements, observing the general style of previously released albums by Alla and Mikhail.

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Elena Proidisvet (Project Manager "1000 days before the 2014 Olympics").
«Great application, there is an interactive menu and a loyalty program »
Matilda Shnurova (Restaurant owner COCOCO, ex-wife of Sergei Shnurov).