Illumina Creative project: Website design for watch pawnshop

Website design for watch pawnshop.

A minimalistic and stylish website was created for the Chronos watch pawnshop, emphasizing the uniqueness and high cost of watches.

Bright and large photos of the watch on a simple monochrome background, the drawing font and round shapes define the overall style of the site.

Logoip provided by the customer.

 Time is priceless. And these guys just sell watches.

By the way, icons are made for various specifications.

The Chronos watch pawnshop really needed a decent website, which would talk about the services and demonstrate the range. The design of a pawnshop website is close in concept to how the design of an online watch store is usually done, but it also has differences.

By the way, the website design order for the sale of watches did not include HTML + JS layout, so the result was not quite what it was originally intended in site design layouts. Nevertheless, stylish minimalism allows the site to regularly bring the most affluent and determined buyers.

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Max (My-Porsche Car Service, CEO).
«I am grateful to all the employees of the Illumina Creative engaged in our project. Our corporate website development led to a high quality product that is now well above some competitors and the same level that others »
Vyacheslav Krasnozhen (Founder of Modernization of Aviation Complexes LLC). Web development for the worldwide known company that develops aircraft simulators, especially for Boeing & Airbus