Illumina Creative project: Website design by FRECOM LLC

Website design by FRECOM LLC.

FRECOM considered it necessary to update the site design, bringing it into line with modern standards.

 The main page in the created site design contains how image and information component.

Screenshot of the developed site design with another banner option.

 Steps: creating a sketch for one of the elements of the site and its development.

This project was remembered primarily by the passionate and inexplicable desire of the general director of LLC Frecom to have a menu on the site in form of "image of the globe (s)". As a result, in order not to spoil the design, we had to invent, together with an illustrator, various options for stylish design of this unfortunate globe.

The situation is probably familiar to many; Of course, most managers want to contribute something personal to their work on the site. And if, fortunately, the site wasn t particularly affected in this project, then in other cases there are worse consequences. However, over time, there are more and more customers who, when order site design are guided more by the professionalism and experience of the artist, and not by their own (often false) views. >

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«We started with the usual Landing + Yandex.Direct set, but in the end we switched to the format of a large site. Contextual advertising began to work better! »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).
«Thank you guys for a wonderfully original work and being responsive. We presented our system to more than 200 visitors and got fantastic feedback »
Maria Tikhomirova (DEVINO Telecom, Head of Marketing).