Illumina Creative project: Redesign of the site of the plant of metal structures

Redesign of the site of the plant of metal structures.

Mosflowline Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the production of pipes in polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation. The company works with Gazprom, Rosneft and other oil workers, and turned to us to develop the site (the one available in 2016 was already quite old). Here's what we did:

  • Updated the factory logo and created a new site design;
  • Here what presentation of design we showed to the client;
  • We adapted the layout for mobile devices;
  • Integrated new templates with the 1C control system -Bitrix: Standard;
  • Held SEO events to preserve the position of the site during the redesign;
  • Recycled and edited the company's promotional videos.

< p> As always in Illumina Creative studio, website development of MosFlowLine factory We began with an analysis of competitors, a study of the niche and design of the main page in which in addition to two designers, an art director and a marketer participated.

Based on the client s video materials, new videos about the plant, both promo and technological.

 The Mosflowline factory logo also received (cosmetic) updates

Prepared photos of Mosflowline employees for publication on the site

In the process, more than 50 changes and improvements were made

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