Illumina Creative project: The site of the fire show Anastasia Obertaeva

The site of the fire show Anastasia Obertaeva.

A bright and impressive business card site about the show programs of Anastasia Obertaeva was created. Almost as impressive as the Show itself!

 The site combines landing page principles and information design.

It s nice to create a website design , when the head and owner of the business himself is not pulling the last penny for resale: "buy-sell" is rarely worthy of doing high-quality design for such a business. In this case, everything is not so. Anastasia makes really cool shows, and we made every effort to let visitors to her site learn about this and feel.

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«I am grateful to all the employees of the Illumina Creative engaged in our project. Our corporate website development led to a high quality product that is now well above some competitors and the same level that others »
Vyacheslav Krasnozhen (Founder of Modernization of Aviation Complexes LLC). Web development for the worldwide known company that develops aircraft simulators, especially for Boeing & Airbus
«Our niche is rather compact, and with the help and guidance of Illumina Creative we managed to overtake all the competitors. Website optimization is perfect, as well as the traffic growth »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).