Illumina Creative project: Porsche Car Service Website Redesign

Porsche Car Service Website Redesign.

Having arrived at the service in the My-Porsche auto repair center, we found out that the company's website has long been in need of updating. We set to work, and the result was not long in coming:

  • The logo of the technology center was updated and a solid corporate style was created;
  • The design of the main and internal pages of the site was developed;
  • All pages are adaptively made using HTML5 + CSS3 + JS and bootstrap technologies;
  • The site is installed on a powerful and convenient management system.
  • The site has been promoted to the TOP-5 of Yandex for Porsche repair for a month and a half!

 In the process website design there are conversion elements that increase sales from the site and make it more convenient for users.

Click on the image to view the layout.

Each technical center service has its own mini-landing, designed as a sales page. This greatly increased site conversion

Lightweight, readable and stylish fonts are selected, and the conversion elements and CTA are made bright and attractive.

 Themed photos have been selected for each service, reflecting its essence and thought out down to details such as brand of oil to be filled or power steering fluid color .

< span> And such a site would be before our visit

When it comes to creating a project for a dealer supplying well-known brand products, web design studio should be careful and not hit any of the extremes. If you make the design of the site absolutely unique, with your own corporate identity and without reference to the popular brand s untwisted style, this will lead to the loss of customers who would like to see the familiar Porsche logo and the corresponding style.

On the other hand, stupid copying of the logo and appearance of the original website of a trademark, firstly, can lead to legal problems, and secondly, it creates the impression that the company itself has nothing to show in general !

We tried to find a compromise by making the site design approximate to the Porsche style, using company symbols and generally strict style, but we added our own unique elements in the design that made the site individual and attractive both visually and with marketing point of view.

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