Illumina Creative project: Redesign of the website of the medical clinic

Redesign of the website of the medical clinic.

The management of the network of medical centers "President-Med" contacted us (through our second brand DKpro) to redesign the clinic website. As a result, not only a new design of the site of medical centers was created, but also a new platform was developed on WordPress CMS.

 Clean and neat website design without too much garbage - a necessity when it comes to medical topics.

Click on the image to view the layout.

We started with a pencil sketch and presented to the customer their thoughts on the layout of the main page after redesign.

For all important internal pages created its own unique design. Thanks to this, visitors are interested in visiting the site and it is convenient in the end to make an appointment.

 During the redesign, illustrations and icons were created for the site of the medical center.

 A fresh and well-read font scheme has been selected.

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