Illumina Creative project: Infographics for the agency Istomin

Infographics for the agency Istomin.

Infographic sketches for Istomin were drawn.

Infographics explain how an advertising agency works.

Another presentation slide.

Ordering infographics means making your services more transparent and understandable to a wide range of potential customers. Correctly formatted information allows you to reliably convey the desired and ultimately attract more customers.

Recently, it has been noticeable that more and more companies, ordering the site design, are asked to add infographic elements to the design, so that in the limited space of the site intelligibly place as much useful information as possible.

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«The locations are drawn exactly as needed, I have no comments at all! »
Ekaterina Ryazanova (Special Project Manager (SUP Media)).
«We've got better rankings in Google than the official distributor have! Thank the whole team for your professional SEO services »
Max (My-Porsche Car Service, CEO).