Illumina Creative project: Infographic for Zeta Interactive

Infographic for Zeta Interactive.

An American digital agency, Zeta Interactive, contacted me to create an infographic for one of its divisions. The result was a nice and clear picture.

 The infographic was designed in the corporate style of the company with the use of icons and illustrations.

The development of infographics for Zeta XChange began with a simple sketch. Then, taking into account the corporate identity of the company and the site design, infographics were created. As always, the main goal was to maximally intelligibly convey the necessary information to the user. The auxiliary task was also solved: the created infographic also attracts with the richness of the picture itself.

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«The locations are drawn exactly as needed, I have no comments at all! »
Ekaterina Ryazanova (Special Project Manager (SUP Media)).
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Alex (AppCafe, CEO).