Illumina Creative project: Design of an online electronics store

Design of an online electronics store.

New look of NSK-Digital Novosibirsk online electronics store has been created.

The most important page on the site is with a story about the product. A huge amount of information is gathered together in a convenient and readable way.

The site is not overloaded with graphics, but has a recognizable look.

 A page for selecting products by various parameters has been drawn.

In the process of working on the project, the design of all the main sections of the site, additional pages, pop-up windows and forms was created.

... The initial look of the site.

An online store is always, on the one hand, a fairly simple and template task for the designer, because the list of pages usually the same one (catalog, product roll, basket, etc.). The content of these pages is also rarely different: product photos, purchase buttons, promotions. But is there any sense at all in ordering the website design of an online store from a web studio , or is it easier to use a template solution?

In fact, this task is not so simple for the designer, if you approach it correctly. Although online stores are similar to each other, they should differ in style, emphasis, and an impression on the visitor. But the most difficult thing is to ensure that these differences do not contradict the general marketing rules, because of which stores have such a similar structure and content that does not change from project to project.

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«The second iteration was much better. The issues uncovered after the first design sprint were completely sorted out, so basically I'm pretty satisfied with the website development process »
Eduard Gafarov (Founder and director of the weapons company EdGun). The thing was to accompany the huge spare parts catalogue with selected premium goods and develop a solid website
«I am grateful to all the employees of the Illumina Creative engaged in our project. Our corporate website development led to a high quality product that is now well above some competitors and the same level that others »
Vyacheslav Krasnozhen (Founder of Modernization of Aviation Complexes LLC). Web development for the worldwide known company that develops aircraft simulators, especially for Boeing & Airbus