Illumina Creative project: Design of online cosmetics store

Design of online cosmetics store.

The House of Argan company contacted us for a redesign of its online store . Created a new, convenient and stylish website design. Sales grew by 10..15%!

 The site was designed using Moroccan national patterns, but does not put pressure on the visitor with graphics.

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«The second iteration was much better. The issues uncovered after the first design sprint were completely sorted out, so basically I'm pretty satisfied with the website development process »
Eduard Gafarov (Founder and director of the weapons company EdGun). The thing was to accompany the huge spare parts catalogue with selected premium goods and develop a solid website
«Thank you guys for a wonderfully original work and being responsive. We presented our system to more than 200 visitors and got fantastic feedback »
Maria Tikhomirova (DEVINO Telecom, Head of Marketing).