Illumina Creative project: Development of an online store of hookahs

Development of an online store of hookahs.

Electronic hookahs - a new topic for Russia. In collaboration with DKPro created a website design of an online store where people get to know this new product and make an order comfortably.

The site greets the visitor with an image and listing the benefits of an electronic hookah.
The main page combines the principles of the Landing Page and the output of the goods of the online store.

 The style of the site was created using the Image + Informativeness formula.

 As a bonus from our studio web design Promo banners for promotions for all occasions have been created.

 For those who are just getting acquainted with electronic hookahs, a simple infographic is drawn.

The main page of the online store is made in the landing page format, and is designed including for the "cold" visitor who needs to talk about the product and create its value, and not just offer purchase terms. This complicates the online store design (more from a marketing point of view), and as a result the site looks like a landing page, but nevertheless has a rich internal structure.

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«Website development costs are clearly covered by the improved performance (i.e., conversion) of the company website »
Alexander Zayarny (Deputy Director, Russkiy Dom Co., Ltd). We had to create real estate website and then to transfer the complete catalogue
«All 4 variants of the RestoRus logo really liked. We hardly agreed with the general one which one to choose :) »
Vadim Zuykov (CEO of NTA Event Media Group).